Empowering Directions

Alternative Pain Relief, Energy Work, and Gestalt


Andrea Bruno has trained in three compatible disciplines, the Alexander Technique , Energy Work, and the Gestalt Process. In her work, the student enjoys a process of self-discovery allowing them to release tension and relieve physical pain.


The Alexander Technique

In person gentle, guiding hands instruct the student to engage in simple everyday movements that use less effort both physically and mentally.  On line class  based on the work of Min Morales is also available individually or in groups.   Web bases or in person the process helps reduce internal chatter and self-criticism. At the same time, it offers better balance and stability. Anyone can benefit. Improve your communication skills and your golf game. 


Energy Work

We are all energetically sensitive. It’s not hard to identify anger from joy in a person we know. Emotions are expressed and released from our physical bodies daily. Negative life experiences that are held onto become a burden to our systems and can even be passed from generation to generation. Energy work can help “clear the air” around you and balance your energetic systems. Andrea is a Reiki and Chios Energy Master.


Gestalt Process

The Gestalt Process uses a present tense dialogue as a means to directly converse with the people/events in your life that feel unresolved. At its simplest: If you identify that you are thirsty and need a glass of water you first must go and get the water. You then need to drink enough of the water to fully satisfy your thirst. If your thirst is quenched you are free to move on. Identifying these needs and using a creative dialogue to provide closure is a basic description of the Gestalt Process.


`Combining Disciplines

The combining of these disciplines is an organic process. When finding ease of movement through the Alexander Technique, self-awareness and a need for self-expression may become apparent. In a Gestalt session, the awareness of emotion in the physical body can help in identifying the personal need and eventually resolution. Providing a trusting energetic environment and touch are required for change to happen in all disciplines.

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